Hiring Me...

I don't have rate sheets because I do custom quotes, but my rates generally start at $1500, however if it's a project or person I want to work with then I'm willing to hear you out and possibly negotiate something.

Working with me TF... (Not Presently Doing Any TF)
I consider myself an Artist more than a photographer and I put a lot of time and energy in my work. I often spend several hours retouching/editing a single image from a shoot.

That being said there are some rules for working with me...

1. You may NOT alter my work in any way shape or form unless it I have agreed to it, no cropping, removal of my watermark, filters, etc... I don't spend hours on a single image so that someone else can alter it or ruin it. This is a violation of my copyright and punishable by $150,000 in Statutory Damages under copyright law.
2. You may NOT give permission to a 3rd party to use my images. They must be sent to me and pay a licensing fee.

3. You may NOT promote other companies or products using my images as that is commercial use and you will need to pay a license fee for that.

4. You may NOT sell my images or products that feature my images.

(If you need to do any of the above you need to hire me and pay my commercial rates)

3. I'm very happy to promote the models I work with and hype them up and try to help them gain followers and get more jobs. But I expect the same. When I post my images I talk about the model and I expect the same. YOU DO NOT use my images and talk about something else. When you post an image of mine you talk about working with me, just as I do about you when I post them. Save your "Words of wisdom" and "News Updates" to post with someone else's work, not mine. This also means you have to tag and shout out to me @nspart on IG and Tag me on FB.

4. If you want to TF with me you are required to take me out to Brunch, Lunch or Dinner, to discuss ideas, plan out a shoot and see if we click creatively. Considering my rates now start at $1500 I think this is a hell of a deal.

5. I only TF with people that I click with, respect my ability and time I put into to my work and that abide by my rules above and that I feel the images will make me money.

Yes, that's right I expect to profit from all shoots if not up front then on the backend by selling, licensing the images or by other means. In other words, I don't shoot for free as this is my career, not a hobby.

6. I may offer you a "TF + Cash" or "TF + Retouching Fees" deal meaning I'll drastically reduce my rates and charge you a small amount ($100 - $200) on top of my standard TF terms or just charge you for retouching fees depending on the shoot in some cases. I do barter also if I feel your product or service is of value to me.

7. You must hold up your end of the agreement. There is no going back on deals. You can not change your mind about shooting nudes after the shoot (if we shoot nudes). Once you sign the model release I'm using them no ifs ands, or buts. If you really have an issue then I may offer you the option to buy out the images at my full rates, but sometimes that is not even possible. Do not shoot nudes if you are not comfortable doing so and having them out there and no I won't take them down or stop using your nudes if you change career, get married or become a Born Again Christian or just change your mind about it.

8. I speak freely and don't censor myself, my shoots are fun, productive, I joke and you can too as long as we get business taken care of. But if you want someone that going to be a stuffed shirt then Shoot with Someone Else.

9. I will always treat you with respect, and will not ask you do anything dangerous, or that you are uncomfortable doing. This is why we have the meeting beforehand so that we can set boundaries and limits for the shoot. That being said, I expect you to also treat me with respect and like you would want to be treated.

10. I do not put my images on stock photo sites as I can't control how they are used nor do I sell them to escort agencies as I feel that would be derogatory to the model (unless she is an escort, in which case she would hire me for that, or consent to that before the shoot if shot TF.)

What you get out of it...

• I give 2-3 fully retouched images per look/Set we shoot. Beyond that, I charge for retouching for additional images.

• I may give you additional images that I choose to retouch for my own use at my discretion. I do this quite often.
• You may use my images for portfolio, social media and personal use (following the rules mentioned above.)
• You will learn from shooting with me if you are a newer model as I tend to explain, teach and coach as it's just part of my personality.

• If you are a good model, I'll promote and recommend you and even give you testimonials.

• I'm also a businessman and marketer and if I see potential I may have opportunities that can make us both money.


1. You can hire me and negotiate the terms and license agreement with me at my full rates.

2. You can find someone else to shoot with.

To be considered for TF...

1. You must be in good shape and have a look that I feel is commercial enough for me to profit from the images.

2. You must agree to the above terms in writing and also fill out all necessary paperwork.

3. You must be over the age of 18 as minors can't enter into legally binding contracts.

4. This not a must but a large social media following is preferred.

Note: I'm actually a really nice, considerate person, that's fun to work with and loves to help people but I do not let people take advantage of me, or violate my copyrights. I do what I do because it's my passion. These rules are to weed out the undesirables, that just want free pictures, are not collaborative, and that don't respect Artist's Copyrights. I don't want to work with everyone I only want to work with quality models who are also quality people, who keep their word and put 100% into their work like I do.

I currently have several muses that I work with and I get requests almost every day from models that want to work with me so bring your "A Game" or don't come at all.

That being said if you are a Quality Model, A Quality Person, agree to my rules (above) and want to create art with me feel free to contact me and ask me any questions you have. I don't bite, unless you violate my copyright... Grrrr!
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